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Top rated - New Office
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365 viewsWhiteboard and workbench moved in00000
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344 viewsBack at the "home" office, disassembling the desks to haul over to the new office.00000
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366 viewsNon-virginal blue00000
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363 viewsVirgin white walls00000
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379 viewsRack setup, computer operational, nothing really in it's place where it should be though, security alarm sitting on the desk instead of mounted, lol.00000
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361 viewsAs spoken about in my myspace blog, the new coveted FUEL FRIDGE... 00000
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367 viewsFully re-assembled desk. All 1500-1600 lbs of it. Yes, I once again lifted those 170 lbs hutches up by myself. My right arm has nasty yellow bruises now.00000
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335 viewsSecond corner assembled, sides to be done00000
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340 viewsDesks taking shape. You can see at the bottom left that the cable pulling was already finished and the new hole in the wall and plate installed. That is where the rack will go when I get it over here (for secondary and local servers - primary servers are still downtown in a separate building on fiber).00000
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335 viewsDesks arrived in pieces at the new office.00000
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337 viewsTiles are up, we started into the ceiling to find the conduits to pull the cable. Silly me forgot to take pictures of THAT fun night, locating the old phone line in the conduit that was jamming it, yanking it out, pulling new rope with the old twine, then pulling our new Cat 5 and coax lines.00000
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